Dixon Sister Cities
Dixon, Illinois U.S.A.

November 2015 Minutes

January 19, 2016

Dixon Sister Cities Association

Board Meeting

November 17, 2015

Public Safety Building

Called to order: President Ray Schmidt at 5:56 P.M.

Board members present: Ellen Mumford; Meg Schmidt; Jim Brown; Elise Ulferts-Hume; Ray Schmidt; Cathy Seagren-Quorum

   Absent: Sue Coers; Peggy Ulferts; Laura Brown; Geoff Vanderlin

Association Member: David Nelson

Agenda: – no acceptance or denial.

Minutes:  After individual review, the minutes were approved with no corrections.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Jim Brown reported that he still does not have the checkbook or records.

He will contact Geoff and will go through last year’s books with him before the next meeting. Per the bank statement he received there is a balance of $17,263.33 with one outstanding check in the amount of $215.00. The actual balance is $17,048.33.

One bill, the annual fee for the Post Office Box was presented for payment in the amount of $66.00. Payment of this was approved.


Membership: Cathy Seagren reported there has been no change. It is time to send out membership renewals to current members. This will be followed by a larger drive. Cathy will update the membership

form and send it to Ray for his ok before it is sent out. Ray will do membership letter. New committees will be assigned after forms are returned.

Public Relations & Website: Elise Ulferts-Hume will get Tony’s help to put pictures of recent farm visitors and the parade on the sight.

Ellen has received the certificate from Petunia Parade and has framed it. It will be put in City Hall display in the next few days.

Meg Schmidt told about a student who did a replica of the riverfront for a school project at Reagan School. The student included our flags in their display. She will see if she can get permission to put a picture of the project on our website.

Meg suggested that we should contact the city in Illinois that has a French sister city to offer our condolences and support for France in light of the shootings in Paris this past week. She will do this.

Fundraising: No immediate plans. Fundraising must be a priority in the coming year. Cathy Seagren will

get a “cookout date” from Dixon Food Center when signup becomes available.

German Committee:  Ellen Mumford had nothing to report.

Irish Committee: Meg Schmidt had nothing to report.

Kenya Committee :  No report in Geoff Vanderlin’s absence. Ray and Meg received a thank you from the

farm visitors.

Russia Committee: David Nelson had nothing to report.

Old Business:

Highway Signs: Ellen Mumford reported that she received information on new signs from Morley Signs.

A complete set of signs will be $660.00 or $1,320.00 for two sets.  Replacement signs for the Russian signs currently in place are $90.00 and 5 website signs will be $325.00. These total $2,035.00. She is in contact with the State Highway department regarding placement of signs including moving the sign on Route 2 west, which needs to be moved, as well as the city department that involves sign placement.

Memorial Funds:  No more action. Ellen stated that information needs to be completed on each plaque planned for the riverfront(1 for each sister city). Asked for some help and Elise Ulferts-Hume said she would meet with Ellen and they will get this done!

501(c)3: Our status is questionable at the moment.  The appropriate paperwork has been received by the state. They have not cashed our check as yet.

New Business:

Christmas Family: Carol Jones has called Goodfellows for a family. They have not responded as yet.  President Ray will write a letter to be sent to the membership. Meg  Schmdt will do the mailing. Cathy Seagren will get a list of members to her. Checks will need to be made out to the Association this year for tax deductions.  Jim’s address will be used for members to send checks rather than the PO Box.

Ellen Mumford reported that she had gone to the office at City Hall about a week ago and the room was empty. All our things were in another room. She went to the offices upstairs and asked why things had been moved. They indicated that they thought we weren’t going to use the room. Cathy Seagren and Mary Gilbert dropped off a box of records on Monday November 16th and the Sister Cities property was back in the room.

A lease for the upcoming year should be received soon. Cathy Seagren made a motion to be proactive and issue a check for the $1.00 rent for 2016  and mail it now. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

The next Board meeting will be at the Public Safety Building on January 19, 2016 at 5:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Seagren, Secretary