Dixon Sister Cities
Dixon, Illinois U.S.A.

November 2014 Minutes

January 20, 2015

Dixon Sister Cities Association

Monthly Meeting

Dixon Public Safety Building

November 18, 2014

Secretary David Nelson indicated a quorum of the Board of Directors present, consisting of President Cathy Seagren, Secretary David Nelson, Treasurer John Arnould, Meg Schmidt, Carol Jones, Elise Ulferts-Hume, Laura Birr-Brown, James Brown, Ellen Mumford, and Cory Eykamp.  Association member Geoff Vanderlin was also present.  Absent and excused was board member Sue Coers. President Cathy Seagren called the meeting to order at 5:52 PM.  It was moved, seconded and carried (MSC) to approve the proposed agenda.


  1. It was MSC to approve the previously distributed minutes from the Oct. 21 monthly meeting with the addition of Elise Ulferts-Hume’s name as absent and excused.
  2. Treasurer John Arnould presented his report. No bills were paid last month. Check No. 762 in the amount of $29.00 issued to the Illinois Sister Cities organization for dues has not yet cleared. Earned interest was $ .32. The current checkbook balance is $4797.56, and the bank balance as of Nov. 3, 2014 is $4826.56.  The treasurer’s report was filed for audit.
  3. Cathy Seagren presented a bill for annual post office box rental for $62.00.  Ellen Mumford presented two bills in connection with finalizing the display cases: $10.68 and $19.16.
  4. It was MSC to pay those three bills.
  5. Elise Ulferts-Hume reported that she posted minutes from September and October on our web site.
  6. Ellen Mumford and Geoff Vanderlin recommended we undertake a fundraiser prior to the arrival of our Herzberg visitors in June 2015.
  7. An email from Herzberg to Ellen Mumford informed us that Herzberg has established Dec. 31, 2014 as the deadline for identifying participants for the 2015 visit to Dixon. In January there will most likely be a meeting of those participants to finalize the schedule, among other things.  Dixon Sister Cities should therefore create and forward to Herzberg a basic itinerary for the visit by the time of our next meeting on Jan. 20, 2015.  Obviously, the Petunia Festival and its parade would be highlighted in that itinerary.  Board members made other site suggestions:  Chicago (with an overnight), Rockford (i.e. the Anderson Japanese Gardens), and DeKalb.
  8. There were no formal reports from the remaining sub-committees.
  9. Member Ray Schmidt was not present to report on his meeting with CPA John Berge on Oct. 29.  A copy of the original Articles of Incorporation of the Association (2007?) have been located. A copy needs to be given to the secretary for the file.
  10. The display cases, complete with doors made by Carl Mumford, are now on display in the lobby of the city hall.  A work day for cleaning the new office should be scheduled. The office needs a sign.
  11. President Cathy Seagren will send an email/letter concerning this year’s Christmas family, which has been identified as a single mother with three daughters.
  12. The next meeting will be held on January 20, 2015, at 5:45 PM, in this same location.
  13. The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


David H. Nelson, Secretary