Dixon Sister Cities
Dixon, Illinois U.S.A.

February Minutes 2016

March 14, 2016

Dixon Sister Cities Association

Board Meeting

February 16, 2016

Public Safety Building


Called to order: President Ray Schmidt at 5:54 P.M.

Board members present: Judy Arnould; Laura Brown; Jim Brown; Sue Coers; Elise Ulferts-Hume; Meg Schmidt; Ray Schmidt; Peggy Ulferts;  Cathy Seagren-Quorum

Absent: Ellen Mumford; Geoff  Vanderlin

Association Member: None


Agenda: – Accepted


Minutes:  After individual review, the minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Jim Brown reported a current balance of $17,242.66. There is one check still outstanding- issued to IL Charitable Trust for $215.00. Jim will check records to see if we received mail receipt of delivery as the check was mailed registered with a receipt several months ago.




Membership: Cathy Seagren sent out letters to current members. A few have been received. Checks were turned over to Jim Brown for deposit. Cathy also said she would send out more letters soon to some recent members. We will expand from that in the near future.


Public Relations & Website: Elise Ulferts-Hume has not met with Tony as yet but will be meeting him soon.  A card was passed around for Jim Burke, former Dixon Mayor, as he is quite ill at this time.


Fundraising: It is doubtful that cookouts are going to be held at Dixon Food Center. Owner, Dan Willard has had health problems and isn’t working much right now. Cathy will bring a card for him next month.


German Committee: No report.


Irish Committee: No report.


Kenya Committee : Geoff Vanderlin reported via Cathy Seagren that he has been in contact with Travel Consultants regarding possible trip to Kenya early in 2016.


Russia Committee: The former mayor of Dikson, Siberia has contacted the Dixons regarding the possibility of a visit sometime in April as he will be in Minneapolis visiting his granddaughter at that time. He has been notified that we would be happy to host him for a visit to Dixon.


Old Business:


Highway Signs: The sign on Route 2 west of Dixon must be moved. Hopefully it can be placed in a less damaging place.


Memorial Funds: Ellen sent Elise an example of a memorial sign. It measures approximately 14 X 10 or 12. Sue Coers suggested that perhaps an outline of Germany with Herzberg’s placement starred would be good. Elise will be in contact with Mr Morley.  It is a goal to have the plaques in place by summer when there is more activity on the riverfront.


New Business


Young Artists Showcase: Information was presented regarding the upcoming event through the International program. Meg Schmitt suggested that the young artist who did riverfront display might be interested. Cathy Seagren will send her the information.


Illinois Sister Cities Association Conference: Cathy Seagren sent information to board members earlier in the month. $95.00 is the advance fee cost. She has paid her fees. She also indicated that as a State Board Member she cannot vote for any issues presented to the member associations in the state. Each member organization has two votes. Ray and Meg Schmitt will also attend. Jim and Laura were undecided as yet.

Peggy Ulferts made a motion to pay for board members registration fees for the conference. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously. Treasurer, Jim Brown will reimburse Cathy Seagren for her fees and will do the same for any others who decide to go.


International Dues: The International Dues have been paid by the City of Dixon. Cathy Seagren will send a thank you to the Mayor, Li Arellano.


The next Board meeting is our semi annual meeting. It will be at the Public Safety Building on March 15, 2016 at 7:00 P.M.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. This carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,



Cathy Seagren, Secretary