Dixon Sister Cities
Dixon, Illinois U.S.A.

April 16, 2019 Minutes

August 5, 2019

Board members attending: (quorum of eight) David Nelson, Claudia Nelson, Cathy Seagren, Jim Brown, Jodi Monk, Ray Schmidt, Meg Schmidt

Board members absent: Elise Ulferts-Hume, Sofia Rockwood, Ellen Mumford, Geoff Vanderlin

Members attending: Laura Brown

The meeting was called to order at 5:52 PM by Vice President David Nelson

  1. The agenda was approved as revised: Ray Schmidt (motion), Cathy Seagren (2nd), carried.
  2. The minutes of the March 19, 2019 meeting were approved: Ray Schmidt (motion), Meg Schmidt (2nd), carried.
  3. Treasurer Jodi Monk reported that the checkbook balance on March 31, 2019 was $12,736.13; the Edward Jones balance was $5,591.21; and the total net worth was $18,327.34. A motion was passed to approve the treasurer’s report as presented and attach it to the minutes for audit: Claudia Nelson (motion), Cathy Seagren (2nd), carried. Jim Brown presented a bill for $41.07 for printer ink & Geoff Vanderlin presented a bill for $253.00 (Kiwanis Club) for Riverfront flags. A motion was passed to pay the bills presented: Meg Schmidt (motion), Cathy Seagren (2nd), carried. Cathy Seagren presented a check for $50.00 for the Lyra Concert.
  4. Lyra Concert: David Nelson reported that Fr. Wes Hills of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church gave a verbal guarantee for the $1,000.00 cash honorarium made by sponsors to be paid to the singers. St. Luke’s will print the concert programs. Ray & Meg Schmidt offered to house the 3 male singers and the after-concert meal will be held at Cimino’s due to Carl & Ellen Mumford’s delayed return to Dixon. DSCA will pay for the 4 “to go” lunches made by Laura Brown. 
  5. Website: Meg Schmidt reported on behalf of Elise Ulferts-Hume that Tony Winstead will help us with whatever needs we have.
  6. Member contact info sheet: Jodi Monk and Ray Schmidt made final revisions. Some copies were made by Ray Schmidt. David Nelson to make remaining copies.
  7. ISCA Annual Conference: Ray & Meg Schmidt, Cathy Seagren, Jim & Laura Brown will be attending.
  8. Fundraising: Oliver’s cookout, April 27, 2019. Cathy Seagren will get the health certificate. Menu: pork chops, burgers, brats, hot dogs, chips, pop, water. David Nelson will reconfirm the June 22, 2019 Oliver’s cookout date. Jodi Monk contacted Culvers regarding a possible Fall 2019 cookout date.
  9. David Nelson reported that Sophia Rockwood has resigned from the board but will remain a member. The board accepted her resignation.
  10. German Committee: David Nelson reported that he recently emailed Karin Jage, the Herzberg visit contact. There has been no update. DSCA members suggested the following as possible side trips for the Herzberg delegation (Mississippi River excursion, LeClaire, IA, Buffalo Bill Museum, John Deere Pavilion/Hdqtrs.,  Davenport, IA Sister Cities Association, Nachusa Grasslands, Franklin Creek State Park, Starved Rock State Park, Bishop Hill, Anderson Gardens/JMK Nippon Japanese Restaurant, Northwest Territory Historic Center). 
  11. Irish Committee : no report.
  12. Russia Committee: no report.
  13. Kenya Committee: Dr. Ikenye has retired.
  14. The next meeting will be held May 21, 2019 at 5:45 PM at the Public Safety Building.
  15. Meeting adjourned at 7:04 PM: Claudia Nelson (motion), Meg Schmidt (2nd)

Respectfully submitted,

James J. Brown, Secretary